Bukufi is a website that provides a collection of ebooks and comics to read online. Bukufi has a large collection of ebooks and comics and will continue to grow over time. Users who have already registered can also upload their own ebook or comic book and will be shown if it has been approved by the system administrator
Yes, it's completely free. You can read ebook or comic as many as you want.But you only can for free member but you cant read for premium member. We have access rights for every our ebook and comic collections

In bukufi we have two kinds of access rights to our collection of ebooks and comics to the user

First is the access rights for the Free Member. Users who become our free member can access any ebook and comics that are reserved for free member and can not access ebook or comic for premium member

Next is the Premium Member. Users who become free members can increase membership status to Premium Member by subscribing Premium Member through user panel respectively. The advantages obtained Premium Member is able to access the entire collection of ebooks and comics in Bukufi without exception

To subscribe to Premium Membership you have to pay $10. Premium Membership subscription is valid for 30 days from the time of subscription. After 30 days your membership status will become a Free Member again. You can purchase Premium Membership subscription again if you want

Relax, it's not the fault of the system. If you directly read the free comics without logging in first you will only be allowed to read 10 pages each chapter.

If you want to read all the free comic pages you want you just need to register in Bukufi. You can do it through social login like Facebook Login, Google+ Login or Twitter Login. You can also register through the form as usual

By registering you will get a Free Membership automatically so you can start searching and reading your favorite (free) ebook or comic

Of course you can. You can upload it in user panel respectively. There will be a Book and Comics menu. You can upload the corresponding menu

Ebook or comic you upload needs approval from the System Administrator. If the Administrator has checked and approved what you upload then what you upload (ebook or comic) will appear on the website along with the ebook or comics uploaded by other users

If the ebook or comic you uploaded is not approved and removed by the Administrator for some reason you will get a notification in your user panel

You can find out by entering into the corresponding menu (ebook or comic) in the user panel. There will be displayed what you have uploaded along with its status (Pending or Approve)

You can see the corresponding menu after the new ebook or comic section

Friday , 20th of September 2019